Making lemonade this summer…

gathering-29 lemonadeIMG_2609

This summer, as DOMA was ruled unconstitutional, and the folks whose commitments had been kept illegal for so long began adding sugar to that old bitter taste, I was lucky enough to make lemonade with my good friends… I legally married these two, who are the longest-together couple in my circle of friends, exactly a year to the date of their commitment ceremony. It is a sweet time to share in the love of all!

And as the season is official, the “Summer” edition of my greeting cards is now available on Etsy- in limited quantities! – Lakota Summer Greeting Card Set by MySpiderHeartGoods on Etsy.

I also have been blessed with the opportunity to spend some time by the ocean and recharge my spirit a bit. I hope that each of you get to do the same this summer!

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