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I am pleased to announce the release of my new children’s book in both print and e-book formats:

Lone Dog and the Sun and Moon by Kiera Nagle | Blurb Books.

Lone Dog and the Sun and Moon (ebook) | Blurb.

Lone Dog is on a quest to understand where he comes from, and to understand himself. He asks his mother and father, but does not get the answers he seeks from them. When he goes off alone, the spirits show him the way to the answers he seeks. Written especially for my son, and all children of single parent families, the story is a universal one that we can all relate to, no matter what our experiences in life have been.

My Lakota 4 Seasons Greeting Card Project is now over, but cards are still available on Etsy. Each card set is $20 and includes four 5×5 square format cards, printed on heavy matte stock, with four matching envelopes. Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn, are still available, in varying quantities.

Also available for order on Etsy:

My book, Lakota Wamakashka, includes all the illustrations from the card sets, and then some, in full detail. The book is priced at $35 for soft-cover, and  $55 for hard-cover. All books are available in 8.5″ x 8.5″ format.

Blank Canvas - Interests Photo Book

To order cards or books, please visit my Etsy Shop: MySpiderHeart Goods at the link below:

MySpiderHeartGoods on Etsy.


Searching for the perfect shower gift or memory-building experience for a woman or couple you know who is expecting a child? The process of making a body cast is a wonderful experience for many women and their families/partners during their pregnancy. Our bodies undergo such drastic changes during and after this process, and participating in this activity can help us reconnect with our bodies in a positive way, and immortalize our beauty as we are with child. You can purchase your own body casting kit, for yourself, or to give as the shower gift, and then recruit my artistic services to customize it for yourself or your recipient, with her/their choice of paint colors, decoupage, baby’s name(s), etc. Please email me directly at kieranagle@gmaill f you are interested in this process.

Pearhead White Belly Casting Kit : Target.

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