On a journey…


Hard to believe that this is the first time I am posting in 2013… where is the time going?

We are each following our own paths, learning and teaching each other each step of the way.

I have recently been “ordained” a minister of the Universal Life Church and registered with NYCto become an official wedding officiant!

I will be performing the wedding of my sister very soon. It has been exciting working with her and her fiancee to construct a ceremony that seems to incorporate all of our roots and will create lasting impressions on our memories.

Please contact me if you are interested in working with me to create your own ceremony.

I look forward to 2014, as it will be my year, the year of the Horse! I know the skin-shedding Iwill go through this year will make the year to come even better.


Health and good fortune  to all in the year of the snake!

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