I love…

I love… too many people/places/ things to name! It is so good to be full of so much love, and to remind ourselves of who and what we do love, especially when we are met with times of challenge or tragedy. The web of “love connections” keeps us present and focused on the positive in the best way possible, and allows us to steer our energy away from our frustrations, and back towards the good.

I must say, I have never known the type of love that my son and I share, it is an awesome and ever-expanding love, and I couldn’t ask for more!

At this time, I am also acknowledging the affinity that I have for the work that I have been doing at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, as I will be expanding my responsibilities there, and continuing my private massage practice. While I will be stepping away from the YMCA, I do also love and appreciate the good work done there by Andrea Skurr, LMT and Massage Coordinator, and I encourage people to investigate membership and massage at the McBurney YMCA.

As we move towards the treacly V-day holiday, I want to celebrate the amazing project recently put forth by my good friend, Eric Wallach and his awesome partner in life and art, Belinda Blum. The images/story will be self explanatory when you view it here:

I Love | Facebook

I’m sure if you would like to become part of the project, and you contact Eric, he will find a way to include you.

Til next time…peace, love, and… spiderwebs… ❤

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