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“I had never paid a professional for a massage before, but booking my appointment was far from intimidating. Kiera knew how to read my back like a book. She sought out to break down the tension in places I didn’t even know existed on my back and body. When it was all over, I felt renewed and I was in very positive spirits, feeling like I had unlocked an amazing new outlet. When your body is suffering, your mind is suffering. When your mind is suffering, so is your body. Kiera’s talents, I believe, can help with both.” – Alexander J., client

“My favorite attributes about Kiera are that she is loyal, caring, and has integrity.   Knowing Kiera for the past 6 years has been a great experience for me.  Kiera is a passionate massage therapist who continually maintains professionalism with her clients and colleagues. I have had the privilege of being both Kiera’s colleague and client, so I can attest to Kiera’s character: she has a strong work ethic, she is a great listener, she always addresses areas of concern, and is client focused during all her sessions.  Kiera places a high standard on education and stays updated on techniques and skills that can help her clients as well as the students she teaches.  Kiera demonstrates what it takes to be a great therapist each time she enters a massage session.  Thank you, Kiera for being who you are! “- Amanda Sipes, LMT

“Thank you for treating my very pregnant friend so well, and making my treat to her so easy. She said it was the best massage she’s ever had in her life!” SK

“I left my prenatal session with Kiera and spent the rest of the day gushing about it to my clients and colleagues. One of them booked an appointment with her before the end of that day, and told me afterward how grateful she was for the referral.” Anonymous

“I have followed Kiera from one location to another, and for one pregnancy after another. I trust her implicitly with my body, which says a great deal.” DN

“Thank you once again, Kiera, for sharing your knowledge with all of us and instilling this special skill, in which we can now go forward and be able to share this wonderful practice with others!” MR

“Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the class. It was great learning from you and I really liked that we had the opportunity to work with pregnant clients as part of it.” MW

“Thanks so much for the follow up and the photos from the training. I very much enjoyed the training and hope to do more with you in the future.” TV
“I have enjoyed integrating your teaching and inspiration into my practice this last month. Thank you, thank you thank you!” SR
“Kiera showed me new techniques to better my body mechanics, and she has some great tips for how to deal with difficult patients. She is well organized, efficient and professional. Kiera has been amazing, and very supportive of me throughout my learning process.” LE